Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yesterday MIGHT have really been Christmas...

This Christmas, I'm not really living with my hubby anymore. Instead, hubby has been replaced by a 5-year-old who begs every day to open his Christmas presents. Of note, we will already be celebrating our Christmas almost 2 weeks early because I'm going home for Christmas on Sunday (sadly, he will be staying here to work). I've tried to tell him that he's lucky because all the other boys and girls have to wait until the 25th, and he gets to open his on the 13th. I'm the type of person who likes to wait until Christmas to open everything, so I cannot fathom opening presents this early. In order to appease him, I allowed him to open one gift on Saturday. He promised he would not beg to open presents early any more if I allowed him that one gift.

Flash forward one day later to Sunday: "You know, we don't really know for sure that the 25th was really Jesus' birthday. His birthday could actually be today, so we should probably go ahead and open presents. Today might REALLY be Christmas."

So I have been scolding him and telling him no presents until the 13th. However, last night he found my kryptonite..."If you let me open a present tonight, tomorrow we can go to Nine West and you can get those 2 pair of shoes you were wanting." Two seconds later, I'm shoving a gift into his hands. So I guess we both won that battle. He got to open a present on December 8 and I'm getting 2 new pairs of shoes.

2 confessions:

Piper Jacquelyn said...

That is probably the best deal ever. I'd give anyone their gift early if it meant two new pairs of shoes for me!

With Love from New Orleans said...

TU you go to LSU?