Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's all Greek to me...

Yesterday, hubby and I went to Tarpon Springs, which is one of my favorite towns in the Tampa Bay area. Tarpon Springs is world famous for their role in the natural sponge market. The quaint little town was once known as the "Sponge Capital of the World". However, the reason I love this charming area is because it transports you to another place...Greece! In the early 1900s, Greek divers settled in Tarpon Springs to participate in the sponge trade. Today, the streets are lined with Greek restaurants, bakeries, markets, and specialty shops. Sounds of the Greek language and music fill the air.

(The sponge docks -- the monument is of a sponge diver.)

(We enjoyed a delicious lunch of Greek salad, fresh bread, and olive oil at Pantheon.)

(My favorite place for dessert is Hella's bakery. The little shop is filled with several cases of delicious pastries and serves a variety of coffees.)

(Sometimes hubby and I get several pastries to share, but we were both in the mood for Italian cannoli. I think I could eat cannoli every single day.)

(I had no idea Fisher-Price sold Greek speaking toys.)

(Boats coming in full of fresh sponges.)

(Stacks of starfish in the market.)

(Sponges of every shape and size are available in the Sponge Exchange.)

(The Greek language is everywhere.)

(A beautiful tile mosaic depicting the town's heritage.)

Tarpon Springs is also the best place in the area for finding Greek products. I love browsing the little shops filled with homemade soaps made of goat's milk and beauty products containing olive oil. The markets are also wonderful for finding Greek grocery items, such as Greek wines, olives, feta cheese, and spices. I stocked up on Greek olive oil and Greek coffee.

Someday I hope to visit Greece, but in the meantime Tarpon Springs is the next best thing!

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Lis said...

Just wanted to stop in and say hi, I'm a new follower and thanks for following my blog too!

It looks like such a great time in Tarpoon Springs!! All the food and sites look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lacey, thanks for following my blog. I love yours! I look forward to reading and getting to know you. Happy weekend! :)

Marc Washburn said...

Hi Lacey, thanks for the fantastic blog-post regarding Tarpon Springs. I actually work there and wanted to mention to your readers our website the Natural Bath & Body Shop. We make available all the same sea sponge, loofah and other Greek products such as olive oil soaps for those who do not have the time or budget to visit our wonderful town. Thanks again, Marc

Piper Jacquelyn said...

What an amazing place! I love when something so different is just tucked away so much closer than we'd think! I'm sure I would love Tarpoon Springs...I need to get away!

Texan Couture said...

I love Greek Food! That town looks so fun, I wish Texas had a place like that.

ps. yes the pancake/waffle mix did come from whole foods. It is really healthy & good for you and taste great if you mix fruit in the mix for pancakes butg for waffles I just prefer to top them.

Imjustagirl said...

Tarpon Springs is one of our favorite places! Mr. Souvlaki also has this great dish called greek chow mein! It is awesome:)and In the next few weeks they have a great art festival down by the bayou. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Mrs. McB said...

Sounds amazing!

Also, that salad looks amazing.

I also could live on cannoli. :)