Friday, October 23, 2009

I Aint Afraid of No Ghosts

It' s times like these that I wish I were computer savvy enough to figure out how to make the Ghostbusters theme song play as you read this post. But since I'm not, please just try to hum it along to yourself, k? So yesterday I {hopefully} left you in suspense as I was recapping my weekend getaway to St. Augustine. Being that St. Augustine is the oldest city in America, it only makes sense that it should be one of the most haunted too, right? So hubby and I decided to brave the spirit world and eagerly headed out on the Ghosts and Graveyards tour.

Hubby and I aboard the trolley, ready to hear some true ghost stories {and maybe even see a few ghosts!}

The tour took us through St. Augustine, with the guide pointing out some of the most haunted sites. She told us the stories associated with the hauntings. Most of the ghost stories were associated with events of despair. For example, when yellow fever hit St. Aug, so many people were killed they had to bury people 12 deep in the graveyards. As a result, ghosts are often spotted at the graveyards.

Throughout the tour, we were encouraged to take pictures because spirits often show up on film even when you can't see them with the naked eye. We were able to capture quite a few orbs, which I've pointed out in this picture taken downtown. Orbs are a way ghosts often show up in pictures.

After touring the city, the trolley dropped us off at the Old Jail. This jail has actually been featured on a number of paranormal investigation shows because it's so haunted! It's even on the national registry of haunted places. Now that you know what an orb is, can you spot the ones in this picture?

Once inside the jail, we were given the history by this incredible actor. He told us the stories of the 8 men that were hung at the jail.

The conditions are the jail were deplorable. The inmates slept on these metal beds with no mattress, no blankets, and no pillows. Often 3 or 4 men had to sleep in one metal bed! There was no running water or sewage at the jail. Once inmates were checked in, they were no longer allowed to shower (can you imagine?!). Since there were no bathrooms, the inmates shared one bucket per cell. It's no wonder the place is haunted, right?

The gallows were built right behind the jail. Each inmate sentence to be hung had to build his own gallows and then stare at them through his window. See the orbs?

And now for the holy grail...a picture of an actual ghost! Hubby and I could not believe our luck! If you look carefully, you can see the ghost of a man staring out of a cell. The part of the jail he is in was maximum security, which is one of the sites of the most paranormal activity. When we zoomed in on him, we were shocked by his creepy smile. It makes me wonder how many ghosts accompanied us on our tour when we were inside the jail.

The ghosts at the jail tried to keep hubby, but I was able to free him just in the nick of time!

6 confessions:

Andie said...

How fun! I think you should come to New Orleans and we can go on a ghost tour together. :)

My first job was as a tour guide at a plantation and I can't tell you HOW MANY times i heard crazy noises and stuff!

Anonymous said...

Spooooky! Haha, that looks like fun. Perfect time of year to do that kind of thing. Happy weekend.

Kristin said...

I think I might just be to wussy for all that!

Laura said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Pink, Green, & Southern's blog. What a wonderful post! And just in time for Halloween! You and the hubs are ALOT braver than I would be. Louisiana has their share of haunted antebellum homes, but I've never stayed in one. Too much of a chicken! Bock, bock!!

Sommer said...

i looooove haunted/ghost/paranormal stuff!!!! what a cool trip! we joke about going to the mortuary here but i tend to really freak myself out. like a loser. did you ever go to the edge of madness on north LA? they had a clown house and i'm positive my heart stopped at least 3 times. terrified of clowns.

Lace said...

Woooaaah, that picture of the guy in the window is creepy! I love that kind of stuff... unfortunately, my b/f is a ninny baby! I don't think I could get him to go on a haunted tour!