Monday, May 10, 2010

superstar golfer

This weekend, hubby challenged me to a game of putt putt golf. Naturally, I accepted and let him run his mouth for days. Hubby is good at talking trash.


Of course I won. I have this little gift of making hole-in-ones. Hubby really should have known better than to talk so much smack.

4 confessions:

Jules said...

You rock! I love playing mini golf. You look so cute in that dress :)

Tasha said...

Way to go! Let him talk trash and then show him how it's done! :-)

Piper Jacquelyn said...

"Of course I won," I love it! That's hilarious. I love your golf outfit, too - super cute!

Kristin said...

As is mine. He once gloated about beating me in push up contest.'re a dude...and a former pro athlete...and you're bragging about beating a girl. Way to be man! HA!