Saturday, January 17, 2009

The way to a girl's through Mignon Faget

I have always had an affinity for jewelry. It doesn't matter if it's real or costume...I love it all. With Valentine's Day quickly approaching (which means now is the perfect time to start dropping hints to your significant other), I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you to my favorite jewelry designer: Mignon Faget.

Mignon Faget's designs are inspired by elements reflected throughout Louisiana and New Orleans. She incorporates architectural design as well as natural influences. Her pieces are worn and admired by most women in Louisiana. It has often been said that Mignon Faget is to Louisiana ladies what Tiffany is to New Yorkers. Although I've been collecting her pieces for years, there are still many designs I'm lusting after. These are my favorites that I'm hoping to eventually add to my collection:

Venus' Reef Collar

Rosette Interlacement Cuff

Marquis Dangle Earrings

Large Moonsnail Necklace

Zea Maize Collar

Jeweled Raw Diamond Scarred Node Cuff

Gumbo Necklace

Engaged Column Pearl Ring

5 confessions:

Texan Couture said...

I worked for Mignon Faget for 2 years during college!! The Lakeside gallery.

Lacey said...

I used to go to the Lakeside shop all the time! I bet that was a fun job...although my entire paycheck would have gone directly back to her!

Texan Couture said...

Well working there you get 50% off jewelry & 30% off home items. Polishing gloves are free :)

Sweet Soft Southern Thrill said...

I looooooove Mignon Faget. I was introduced to it by a sorority sister from NOLA. So fabulous!

pink green & southern said...

I love me some MF and I love your fleur-de-lis with LSU Tiger Paw thingy even more! Did you design that?! LOVE it!!!