Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

I am so thankful every single day for my mom. She has been there for me through all of life's ups and downs. As I get older, I really appreciate all the little things she's done for me that make such a difference. I'm so grateful that she picked me up from school each day, made me a snack, and listened as I told her all about my day. I will always be thankful that she helped me with my homework and drove me hours away to private music lessons. She has supported me at concerts, pageants, dance recitals, and graduations. I thank God each day for blessing me with such a wonderful mother.

{Mom and I arranging magnolias for my wedding reception}

I am also blessed to have a little daughter who loves me on this Mother's Day. She is covered in fur and can't always communicate to me what she wants (she doesn't speak English), but she is precious to me. She likes to get me little gifts to show me that she appreciates all I do for her, so this Mother's Day she surprised me with a gift certificate to a spa. Exactly what I needed!! She is so thoughtful!

3 confessions:

Jules said...

Aw, it sounds like you have a wonderful mother! That is fab that you got a spa gift certificate. A doggie mama totally counts! You look beautiful in that last pic :)

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Um, you look TOTALLY gorgeous in these photos - the green eyeshadow?! LOVE IT!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Cute kitty, oh I wish I had a cat!

Happy Mother's day