Sunday, May 17, 2009

If only we could add an extra day to the weekend...

My weekend at a glance:

1. Minor league baseball game with hubby (which involved lots of hot dogs and peanuts)

2. Loads of school work

3. Discovering a fabulous tea

4. Steak, scallops, and a LOST marathon with hubby (we majorly got behind on our DVR and I confess, I am seriously lost this season)

5. Hand battered shrimp and baked potato on Girls Night In with Heaven

6. Realizing that the rainy season is here, washing away hopes for afternoons at the pool

7. Falling in love with this chocolate bar

8. Early morning runs

9. Shopping for new work-out gear

10. Fabric shopping for my next project

11. Sharing my one of my favorite snacks with Heaven

{Bananas, strawberries, Bob's Red Mill thick rolled oats, & Smuckers Organic peanut butter}

12. Lazy lunches at Panera

13. Dreaming of sewing instead of going to school this week

Hope you all had lovely weekends!

3 confessions:

Jules said...

A baseball game, yummy food and some shopping...sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

That Dagoba chocolate looks delicious!

Imjustagirl said...

Sounds like you had a marvelous weekend! I did say to my hubby will you turn on the radar so I can see if its going to rain and he politely said It's summer you know it's going to rain it's just a matter of when! Thanks, welcome to Florida summers.

Summer Athena said...

I love H & Sons! SO Yummy!!!! I am headed down to Louisiana at the end of the month and cannot wait!