Sunday, August 9, 2009

Are we ever too old for back to school shopping?

I certainly hope not. I feel like this time of year will always be perfect for stocking up on the essentials needed for the season ahead. Even though my doctorate program is year-round, I still get rather excited when I get to buy new clothes and school supplies during the month of August. I will let you in on a little confession...

I usually start planning my Fall wish list around June or July. I meticulously keep a running list of additions I want to make to my wardrobe, including accessories, and other things I might need to make the transition into the fall semester as enjoyable as possible. I know that this may sound a little crazy, but I've found that it works a lot better (for me) than just aimlessly going to the mall one Saturday in August and hoping to find success. I absolutely love finding the items on my list and checking them off (although for some reason, my list just keeps growing!). It's also fun to think of other items I might crave for the fall semester, such as a beautiful planner, elegant stationary, a luxurious lotion, pretty lingerie, or a gourmet coffee or tea. After placing a rather substantial online order at JCrew today, I feel like most of my back-to-school shopping is officially done. Can I just say that the August JCrew catalog made me want to sell one of my kidneys on the black market so that I could get everything in it? Sigh. Last week I found some lovely items at BCBG, French Connection, Banana Republic, Zara, and Dillards. So now my closet has a fresh stock of pencil skirts, ruffled blouses, crisp collared shirts, high-waisted skirts, flowy dresses, trousers, and tailored sheath dresses. There are just a few items still on my list waiting to be scooped up:

{Blue Dog note cards}

{Stunning coral necklace from Cloverbelle}

{My French has gotten rusty, so since I will be spending 10 hours a week commuting to my new training site, I might as well utilize Learn French in Your Car.}

{And since I will be at this new training site for a year, I might as well move on to Learn Italian In Your Car after I've brushed up on my French.}

{Isn't the new OPI collection gorgeous? It just hit stores today!}

{A tell-tale sign that you are in doctor school? When you have your own espresso maker. These Kate Spade demitasse cups and saucers will be the perfect accompaniment to all those afternoon and late night espressos.}
{I've been lusting after a pair of cute red flats for several months now. Sadly, I cannot order flats without having tried them on first, so these Kate Spades will remain just out of my reach. But I have not lost hope that the perfect red flat is waiting for me out there somewhere!}

What's on your wish list for fall?

8 confessions:

Anonymous said...

cute stuff!!! I live vicariously through my little one when it comes to back to school shopping. hee hee

Sommer said...

flouncy shirts and gauzy scarves! and open-toe booties. and neon tee shirts. statement necklaces. jewel tones. silk cardigans. over-the-knee boots. that could be all but i doubt it.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Ahh, fall nail polish colours are the best! I love back to school. I myself hit the ol' online JCrew today. Yay!

Lindsey said...

LOVE the polka dot cups!!

b is for brown said...

you know i love your wish list, right?


Nicole said...

black calf height ughs.... dying to get them! just went to Express and purchased these tweed adorable! so i need the boots to go with them :)I also have my eyes on a new marc jacobs bag!!!


I need a back to school Campagnolo 10 speed cassette 11-25 gearing w/lock ring.


Andie said...

a nice tailored sheath dress. where did you find one?

the new opi colors- what is their theme this year? I LOUVRE the french collection. ;)

and RE: the learning french & italian in your car- have you considered borrowing them from your public library? when we went to france last year, I went to my public library and borrowed all of their french learning CD's, etc. and listened to them that way. It'll save you a bit of $$ and you can borrow them for a while!

those CD's are PRICEY! LOL