Thursday, August 20, 2009

Make It Work

It's finally here! The new season of Project Runway starts in just a few short hours! Is anyone else excited? Oh how I have missed Tim Gunn and the fabulously bizarre challenges. I've been feeling a bit creative myself lately. Unfortunately, I've been so busy that all of the projects I wanted to do over the summer have been neglected. I have a half finished dress laying on my sewing table. My sewing cabinet is overflowing with gorgeous fabrics and unopened patterns, which totally makes me want to blow off all of my responsibilities and stay home and sew! I'm hoping to squeeze in some sewing this weekend before I leave for Louisiana on Sunday morning.

Here's what I'm hoping to tackle before fall semester starts:

{No, I'm not already planning my Mardi Gras outfit ;) This fabric is for two separate projects I am itching to start on. The dark purple shantung and black lining are for a tailored classic shift dress. The emerald silk is for a lovely sleeveless blouse. I can't wait to see how these turn out!}

{These notions are for a bib necklace. I will probably stick these materials in my suitcase and work on it while I'm at my parents' house next week. It's going to be fierce!}

{A completed project! I was inspired by Megan's DIY tutorial and recreated her design for a floral bib necklace. I love how it turned out and can't wait to wear it with a simple shirt and high waisted bubble skirt.}

And this is totally off topic, but yesterday I had one of those rare days where I was able to wander around in Target without needing to buy anything. I just love those days! So I just have to share with you some of my pretty little finds that made me very happy.

{Pink polka dot planner for scheduling my patients' appointments; deep purple jersey infinity scarf; black and creme square scarf; soft orchid pashmina-style scarf}

I'm noticing lately that I want EVERYTHING purple. Do you ever do this with certain colors? Purple was my FAVORITE color from birth until the age of 18. Then I joined a sorority who's colors were rose and white, so PINK became my new favorite color for everything. Let's just say that Elle Woods and I had a lot in common during undergrad! But now I'm starting to fall back in love with purple. I'm sure as soon as I acquire loads of purple again I'll feel the need to go back to pink. Story of my life.

Has anything gotten your creative juices flowing lately? I'd love to know what you've been working on!

8 confessions:

Sommer said...

1) i have no creative juices
2) i have been meaning to get some stencils off of to paint onto some canvases and hang in our bedroom
3) i want any and everything from

Kristin said...

LOVE the DIY necklace! I always wish I could attack one of Maegan's DIYs.

Kelsey Smith said...

I am not creative at all, which is why I love Project Runway even more!

Jules said...

I know you're a busy lady, but you could seriously open an Etsy shop! The purple dress and green blouse sound like they will be very beautiful. I love how the necklace turned out!

I go through phases with colors too. For awhile, I was into red. Purple is so flattering and a great color for fall.

I love all of your Target finds!

Anonymous said...

I love that planner!! I am in a green phase right now...everything kelly green. I can't wait to see your finished projects, they sound so pretty! Hope you have a great weekend!! = )

Andie said...

I need a day planner for all of my photography appointments. My current one is a MESS right now.

and I am all about purple these days myself- and it cracks me up because in college, I would NEVER wear purple because of my affiliation- ;) I'm sure you know why. LOL

So you're coming to Louisiana? Email me at sweetsouthernspirited AT I want to know where you are from and if we know some of the same people from college!

Southern Web Girl said...

Phi Mu, Phi Mu, Phi Mu sorority, Phi Mu, Phi Mu, Phi Mu's the one!

That's what they sing during Rush at my alma mater.

Did I peg you right?

Hoity Toity Baby said...

I love your blog! It's too sweet/cute and you are super creative! Love the stuff you do and you are now my new hero if you are a triathlete!

I was so excited about PR but have missed every single show thus far!