Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Anyone up for a challenge?

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know how much I adore Beth Moore. I had the privilege of attending the annual Living Proof simulcast this weekend and what a blessing! The theme was Psalm 37: "The Desires of Your Heart". My spirit was definitely recharged! I recently discovered Beth's blog. It is so full of good stuff that I could spend hours there. Today I noticed that Beth issued a "challenge" for readers who wish to participate in memorizing scriptures. The challenge actually started in January, but I love the idea so much I am jumping on board for the rest of the year. You try to memorize 2 scriptures each month, one starting on the 1st and the other starting on the 15th. The goal is to have 24 scriptures memorized for 2009. Since I am starting so late in the year, I will only have memorized 8, but that's 8 more than I would have known! Do any of you work on memorizing scripture? I used to be so good at knowing all the books of the Bible and memorizing scriptures when I was a child, but it's not something I've worked on in many years. Luckily, Beth included a Scripture Memory Mini-Tutorial on her blog! I'm so excited about starting this and encourage any of you who are interested to check it out.

3 confessions:

Anonymous said...

I love her!! Thanks for the tip! =)

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Good for you! 24 memorized, wow! I have no doubt you can do it - you are the marathon girl, afterall!

Jennifer said...

Ok so I am a little late in reading this post, but thank you so much for this info!! I also love Beth Moore, our church is currently going through her Esther Bible Study and it has been so good!