Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's Resolution Time!

There's something so hopeful about starting a new year. People are motivated and anything seems possible. I'm super excited about my resolutions for 2010 and have already started working on them.

1. Grow in my walk with Christ.
- Memorize 2 Scriptures a month
- Read God's Word everyday
- Stay active in church and life group

2. Focus on my health and fitness
- Run a half marathon during the first half of the year
- Run a marathon in the second half of the year
- Compete in a duathlon (run and bike)
- Complete another triathlon and beat my previous time
- Run 700 miles
- Incorporate yoga and meditation into my routine
- Eat healthier, including regular detox and juice fasts

3. Focus on the simple joys in life
- Buy less, make more (including dinners at home instead of eating out so much, sewing instead of shopping, making accessories and gifts)
- Send more snail mail and cards
- Explore more of Florida with hubby
- Learn to budget and stick to it

I've ran the past three days and the trail has been packed with people working on their fitness...I love it! I hope everyone is able to stick with it. Wishing you all the best of luck with your resolutions this year!!

Have you started working on any of your resolutions yet?

4 confessions:

Laura said...

I love your list!! Almost makes me want to make one, too (even after I said I wouldn't)! LOL! Make sure and keep us posted on your progress! I'm interested in your "detox" goal. What exactly is that?

Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

Great resolutions! I love that the New Year makes us look at ourselves and make positive changes! :)

Lindsey said...

These are really good resolutions!

Jennifer said...

These are great resolutions! All I am hoping for 2010 is that I can stay focused and not give up! What I start I want to finish.