Wednesday, July 14, 2010

going bananas

I have decided that summer is making me fat. It's too hot to run or do any other strenuous activities outside, and all I want to do is cool down with ice cream cones, popsicles, and Cherry Limeades from Sonic (and if you haven't tried their Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade, you must get yourself to the closest Sonic immediately....ah-mazing). Since I've been consuming copious amounts of frozen treats, I decided to try making sorbet (because sorbet is basically just like eating fruit, right? And fruit is healthy!). Plus, it was a great excuse to use the soda fountain glasses I thrifted. I'm convinced that soda fountain glasses make everything taste better.

{Banana sorbet}

What are you doing to stay cool this summer?

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Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

BANANA SORBET?!?! YUM!!!! You muuuust share how to make this!! I'v never made any kind of ice cream concoction. Summer makes me fat too. Actually all seasons make me fat. Everything I do is better because of food. Holidays, vacations, birthdays, anniversarys, that time of the month, happy news, sad news...LOL

ReRe said...

that looks freaking delicious!
i'm staying cool with icecream these days! i've never been a fan of ice cream -- but pregnancy has brought it out in me. i can't get enough of strawberry ice cream!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

I am basically sitting in my air-conditioning and waiting out the heat. Ha! It's so disgusting here - in fact, we just had a huge storm blow through that somehow made the humidity even worse!

I love sorbets - did you just do the frozen bananas blended up? I love that treat - so amazing!

tiff said...

recipe please!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Coconut gelato is my poison! Mmmmmmm! But that banana sorbet looks deeeeelish too!

M. Eileen said...

I don't think I'm as far south as you are, but I've been staying cool by drinking lots of ginger iced tea---giada style...(

I too feel as if summer is making me fat, but it might be the humidity making be swell---I can barely put on my rings!!!

Thank you SO much for the blueberry cake recipe! When I try it out I will certainly post something :)