Saturday, July 10, 2010


Do you ever eat something that is just so delicious that you crave it for months afterward? Well, I've felt that way about a particular Italian sandwich since October (see here). Silly how something so simple could linger in my mind for so long, but this was one amazing sandwich. So what's a girl to do? Drive 45 minutes to get the sandwich, of course. I decided to take my new Holga along to see what kind of modifications I might need to make to it. I was heartbroken when not a single picture came out...light leaks all over the place. Hubby, not to be bothered with things like toy cameras and film, downloaded some iPhone app that produces toy camera-like images. Naturally, all of his pictures turned out just fabulous. This must be my payback for beating him at miniature golf (here).

{I imagine that I'm thinking about what an amazing picture I'm taking with my purple Holga}

{One of my favorite pictures that Hubby shot with his iPhone}

{The object of my obsession}

{Happy at last}

What food are you obsessing over right now?

{Honestly, I still want another sandwich. I fear I may be addicted.}

3 confessions:

I'maNolaGirl said...

I made Monkey Bread last weekend, and now it's all I want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

I TOTALLY get that way about sandwiches. My favorite sandwich in the world came from a shop here in town that just closed down. I'm slightly devastated - it's just not the same when you make it yourself!

And I love the pictures. I hope your camera gets it act together and starts working for you!

tiff said...

There's this restaurant in this ridiculously small town in Arkansas...Fordyce, to be exact. The bakery there is called Klappenbach Bakery. It is apparently a famous bakery (southern living, better homes & gardens, etc.) and they have THE MOST AMAZING pastries & breads you will ever eat. you can get it online as well. They also have a restaurant there which makes the best french dip sandwich I have ever had in my life. I want one...LOL

Oh, what is the app your hubby downloaded? I really like the pictures!