Friday, September 3, 2010


I must confess that I'm pretty good about treating myself when I've been working really hard (in psychology we call this "self-care", and it's considered a necessity...don't you just love that?). My holiday weekend is going to consist of working on my dissertation, writing patient reports, and working on internship application I definitely felt like I deserved a treat. I have a wide range of things that I do for "self-care", which include simple things like allowing myself to sleep in one morning, spending an afternoon with a cup of tea and a book, going to my favorite bagel shop before a long day of studying, and so on. Today I decided to treat myself to a few things off of my fall wish list, which included:

A ladylike camera bag for toting my Canon, lenses, and Holga

A structured mustard jacket with cropped sleeves...perfect for a Florida "winter"

A fun book to read when I need a break from neuro textbooks

What are your favorite ways to treat yourself?

5 confessions:

Cara said...

If I am SUPER treating myself (which can't happen often), it would be a new purse!

But when I am really stressed.....a great book or time blocked out for mindless tv entertainment does it for me :)

Sommer said...

bah! i've seen that jacket a couple of times and it's so cute. looks luxurious too.
my self-care consists of wine or starbucks. or kupcake factory. generally a food or drink that's bad for me.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE that jacket! I enjoy beauty days as a way of treating myself! I LOVE LOVE getting manicures, pedicures, and getting my hair done. It makes me feel so feminine that I just love it. I haven't had a beauty day in a while and I'm starting to feel the effects. :(

Justine said...

didnt know you were getting a neurpsych degree! Im a first year in a counseling psych doctoral program... :)

TexanCouture said...

Love the jacket!! My favorite way to treat myself is a facial and massage spa days are the ultimate reward!