Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Belle in the West

I've been jetting all over the country in an attempt to determine where I'll be moving this summer. It's been quite an experience as I'm getting to explore cities and states I've never visited before. Although I'm a Southern girl through and through, I must confess I've become quite enamored by the West. I absolutely fell in love with Utah's crisp cool air and breathtaking scenery.

{Stunning view of the Rockies}

{I couldn't figure out what this odd little contraption was doing in my rental...so I texted a pic of it to hubby and he informed me that it was for scraping snow and ice off my windshield...what?! I'm definitely not in the South anymore!}

{The ultimate comfort food...after discovering a sweet little 50's style diner, I knew I could definitely live in this town for a year}

{Maybe the best part of my trip...this was the diner's idea of a "chocolate shake"...mmmm}

I also had the opportunity to explore the Sundance Resort and drive up into the snowy mountains, but didn't get to take any good pics because it was getting dark. I never realized that Utah was so amazing, and even if I don't end up moving there, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to spend a few days there.

What part of the country are you eager to explore?

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Jennifer said...

Oh that view of the rockies is absolutely breath taking!! I love nature! And the picture of your ice scraper made me chuckle... when I first bought mine here in WI the cashier thought mine had broken then when I informed her that I was from Texas and never owned one before she just chuckled and said... "good luck." That was the moment I knew I wasn't in the south anymore! Haha.