Monday, July 12, 2010

A Recessionista's Guide to Date Night

I know that some media outlets claim that the recession is over, but here in the Southeast things are still pretty bleak. Not to mention the fact that doctorate students aren't exactly known for being loaded (except on the day that student loan disbursements come it...yippee!). As a result, hubby and I have to get creative for date night. To be honest, I thought I would miss the expensive steak dinners and pricey cocktails with friends. But it has actually been way more fun coming up with new thrifty ways to spend some quality time together.

One of our favorites dates has become known as Salsa Night. We consult to formulate our recipe, then work together to cut, chop, and process until we have a perfect, amazingly delicious, homemade salsa....which we promptly devour while catching up on our favorite TV shows or while watching a movie.

{Salsa in progress: Cilantro, mango, habanero, red onion, avocado, lime}

{Variation of first recipe with avocado, peach, lime, tomatillos, jalapeno, red onion, and habanero}

What are your favorite {thrifty} things to do on date night?

5 confessions:

Piper Jacquelyn said...

I think that's great! I love the salsa idea. We're in the same boat - and yes, getting those loans is a pretty exciting day, ha! We don't actually have cable, so our date nights consist of Redbox rentals - which are awesome because they're $1, of course!

M. Eileen said...

love love love homemade salsa! Lately we've been doing homemade pesto pasta salad as we have tons of basil right now!!!!

I would love the blueberry cake recipe, if you have time to send it! :)

Chelsea said...

I love when we buy a bottle of wine and watch re-runs of it's always sunny in philidelphia. those are my fav nights!

Kate Spears said...

a great idea here....i'm a pretty cheap date. i enjoy just being with my sweetie, whether we cook something up together or grab a sack of krystals....we always have a good time!

mrs.mfc said...

YUM that makes me want homemade salsa!! Sounds like a great date night!

Just found your blog today!