Monday, October 11, 2010

A Recessionista's Guide to Date Night: Vol 2

As many of you know, football season in the South is epic. Growing up in Louisiana, everything revolved around Friday night high school football and Saturday college game day. And it's a well-known fact that you do NOT schedule your wedding during game time. Hubby and I have been seriously missing our teams, which are a thousand or more miles away. Since flying to Louisiana to support our home teams isn't really an option right now, we decided to "adopt" a local high school team and check out one of their games. Cheap tickets and concession stand goodies made for a really fun night that didn't break the bank. And there is just something about the atmosphere at a high school football game that brought back so many wonderful memories. Hubby played high school and college football, so this gave him a great opportunity to do some coaching from the stands (ever notice that all guys seem to love doing this?). And being that I danced, twirled flags, played in the band, and was drum major in high school (and marched in the largest band in the South during college), I ate up the half-time shows and longed to be out on the field strutting my stuff.

{Awful attempt at a self-portrait during the game}

{Gaither High School band...loved their Amelia Earhart themed show}

{Plant High School band}

We ended our fun little date with a late-night supper of burgers and chili cheese fries at Steak 'n Shake with all of the other football fans. The night definitely made me homesick, but also blissfully happy. Gotta love those Friday night lights.

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Piper Jacquelyn said...

Ah, sounds like so much fun! Con & I have always talked about going to a high school game here in Omaha somewhere - this is totally convincing me to do it.

I also did color guard in school - I miss my flag twirling days, haha!