Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finals week....a necessary torture

Sorry for my absence / lack of commenting this week.

It's finals week in doctor school, so I have been buried in textbooks the past few days. On a happy note, I take my last one today and will officially be done with my second year of doctor school (yippeee!!)!

Hope you are all having a very happy week!


5 confessions:

Jules said...

Good luck with all of your finals. That is so exciting that you're almost done your 2nd year. Congrats to you! :)

Imjustagirl said...

That is AWESOME! You should do something fun.

Lindsey said...

So cool!!! Good luck!!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

wow, good luck! and congrats that so exciting!

Unknown said...

omg good luck and HAPPY WEEKEND!!!