Monday, July 20, 2009

Le Weekend...

Can you believe that it's already Monday again? And that July is already almost over? I can't believe that summer is almost over. I always have mixed emotions about the end of summer. On the one hand, fall is my favorite season and it's filled with some of my favorite things: LSU football season, Halloween, Oktoberfest, my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

I can't wait for:

{Geaux Tigers! Saturday afternoons and nights will be filled with LSU football, friends, and Cajun food.}

{Oktoberfest is one of my favorite festivals. Who can resist German beer, brats, soft pretzels, and polka music?}

{Trips to the pumpkin patch with my little pumpkin.}

{Carving pumpkins into spooky designs...then toasting the seeds.}

{Birthday cupcakes, made with love by hubby.}

Yet I always miss the somewhat lazy days of summer. Although it's pretty much always summer in this part of Florida, it's just not the same.

My entire weekend was spent cleaning. Seriously. The only time this weekend I was not cleaning was when I was at church yesterday morning. Our apartment turns into a disaster area very quickly due to our hectic schedules. One of our couches was completely buried in research articles. We threw out like 10 bags of just paper trash (mostly research articles I had to read during last semester!). We also have about 6 bags of clothes to take to Goodwill. Somehow, I still have no room in my closet. How is that possible?? We still have lots more work to do, but we made a huge dent in the mess this weekend.

I got in a few runs over the weekend, but triathlon training has mostly slowed down now. This week will just be about keeping my muscles loose. I can't believe that the race is now less than a week away :/ My nervousness is starting to get out of control! I'm now to the point where I'm just ready for it to be over.

Hoping you all had a fabulous weekend!

5 confessions:

Anonymous said...

I can not wait for football time either! I love it. This year will be a little different though because football time will mean wedding time (November) ahhhhh! I love roasting pumpkins seed to. I could eat those year round. Have a great week!

Mrs. McB said...

I will also miss the lazy days of summer. However, just like you, I love all things fall-WVU football, tailgates, October, Halloween, pumpkins, my birthday and then Christmas.

Also, I feel you on the house. Our place gets a mess with so much going on and so little space.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

I just did the whole paper shredding/filing thing & it took me 2 days! AND...I am SO GLAD you posted about the love of Autumnal activities, because I cannot wait for the same things! So excited for some football & Halloween action, yayayaay!

Jules said...

I’m the same as you and truly love fall and everything that comes with it. I’m sad that the summer is already coming to an end though.

That is awesome that you did all of that cleaning and organizing. I did that about a month ago and I don't feel like I freed up that much space either.

I know you will do great with the is almost here!

Andie said...

Geaux Tigers!

YAY! a fellow LSU fan. Like you, I am ready for the fall because it's my favorite season, but I do like the lazy days of summer (just not the heat & humidity)

I look at it this way- there will be another summer! Next year! :)