Monday, July 13, 2009

Looking out for sea monsters...

I can't believe that my triathlon is now less than two weeks away. My mind is now pondering all of the things that could wrong. Yesterday, hubby and I went to the beach to practice open water swimming. I swam right into a small island of seaweed about 50 meters out. Keep in mind that it's really hard to see where you are going when you are swimming in the ocean. I was just swimming along, when suddenly I'm being grabbed by all of these slimy long tentacles. I keep thinking about what would have happened had I noticed two beady eyes staring at me as I struggled to untangle myself (*shudder*). So now I not only have to worry about not drowning, but I need to be on the look out for sea monsters too. So much to think about.

This weekend was spent training and rounding up triathlon gear. I think assembling the proper attire is the best part of any activity =) Hopefully the sea monsters won't get me before anyone has a chance to see it.

{New aero bars and speedometer for my bike}

{Oakley Jawbones for cycling and running}

{Italian tires to give me speed}

{Aqua Sphere tri I can spot any sea monsters before they try to eat me}

{Our running shoes are now equipped with Yanks so we will waste no time in T2}

{Tri top from 2XU}

{Tri shorts from 2XU}

6 confessions:

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Wow, lots of gear! The one thing that always bothered me the most about the race was the open water. I hate the idea of slimy things & fish. Panic would def. take over for me, ha!

Anonymous said...

This is going to be so fun to follow. I am so interested in how it goes. You can do it! The gear looks great. That is a lot of stuff!


you are going to do great - how can you fail with all that new equipment?

Tasha said...

Good luck on your race! Love all your cool equipment!

Nicole said...

that is soo awesome you are doing this..wish i had that type of motivation :)

Lindsey said...

What great stuff!! So professional, love it!